Recently renovated, the orangerie is now up and running open for business this year.  We have pulled out all the stops on this one bedroom beautiful hide away.
An orangerie was a room or a dedicated building on the grounds of fashionable residences from the 17th to the 19th centuries where orange and other fruit trees were protected during the winter, similar to a greenhouse or conservatory.

The impressive oak windows recently restored by a local artisan craftsman, hold the history and character and flood the orangerie with sun and warmth.

The brand new kitchen has all modern appliances, including a dishwasher and a table for two with direct access to the outside space.

The spacious bedroom is equipped with an impressive king size bed with views of the garden.

You also have your own outdoor space just in front of the orangerie, making it perfect for sun bathing, and evening meals.  Gas bbq is provided.